Master class Lenormand-Mary K. Greer, Rana George, Donnaleigh de Larose en B. Meuris.

Boven vermelde dames en ikzelf zullen een “masterclass” Petit Lenormand opzetten. Dit zal natuurlijk gezien het internationale karakter in het Engels zijn.

Inschrijvingen kunnen nu reeds op het adres hieronder!

Wees snel, dit is een unieke kans!


Originele tekst website:

Divination is a powerful tool and offers an invaluable advantage to navigate our daily lives. Witness the elegance of Lenormand while you learn from basics to advanced forms of reading as each class supports and builds the next with interactive hands on lessons.

Develop a strong foundation to branch out from and expand your expertise.

  • 12 classes
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Pre-Homework to be discussed during class
  • Every class includes content and direct relationship to the Grand Tableau
  • Easily accessible live classes, tune in online or via phone
  • PDF presentation for every class
  • Access the classes whenever you like with included recordings
  • Interact directly with instructors in a private Facebook Group

You will learn:

  • How to get a quick and precise answer
  • How to come up with a perfect sentence from a combination of cards
  • How to read multiple spreads
  • An in depth dissection of the Box or 3×3 spread
  • The Grand Tableau explained by four leading experts in Lenormand
  • Predictive style reading
  • A general viewpoint of any situation

Every teacher will be teaching the traditional Lenormand in their own way and from their own perspective. This course will bridge the systems to give you a core foundation of the methodology, and to help the students have a strong grasp of the intertwining medley of the cards and their dance.  The goal is to help understand and make the cards sing for you in your own tune.  This course is for all schools and systems bridging and connecting these worlds. 

You will have the freedom to follow what resonates the best to your own intuition and instinct, at the same time have a strong sense of a solid core for the Lenormand pack of cards.

Pricing: Single Payment: $468
In Two Payments: $234 (now and in a month)

Classes start July 26, 2017

 Single Payment: $468
 In Two Payments:  $234 Now and in a month
 ** Non-refundable after purchase


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